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On Page Optimization

What is on page optimization?

On page optimization is one of the most important process of increasing website traffic and improving organic search results in search engines. On page optimization are controlled by you or by coding on your page. There are several factors affecting on page optimization.

Necessary element for strong on page optimization:

• Original content for web page
• Keyword research and Analysis
• Meta tag creation
• Alt Tag Optimization
• Anchor tag Optimization
• Heading tags (H1 – H6)
• Implementation of 301 Permanent Redirect
• Canonical issue fixing
• Optimization search engine essential files (robots.txt, sitemap.xml, rss feeds and many more)

Original content for web page:

If you are new in search engine optimization then you have should know that Google and other search engines read only unique web content. So you create a unique and original content for your web page according your website theme with better ranking and traffic.

Keyword research and Analysis:

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization. The keyword research is done specially for organic SEO process with extensive research in to client markets. Your site content needs to be optimized in such a way that it can suit both search engines and website users so stuffing your site with proper keyword.

Keyword in title tag: Title tag must be short, high informative. Major search engines can accept title tag of approximate60 – 90 characters. Some common elements of keyword optimization are:

• Research
• Keyword Density
• Synonyms and related keywords
• Long tail keywords

Meta tag creation:

Meta tags play a major role in improving search engine ranking. Meta tag is a special HTML tag that is used to store information about a web page. Two most important Meta tag for search engine indexing are the keyword Meta tag and the description Meta tag. Some common Meta tags are:

Important Meta Tag and codes
Meta Types
Character set
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

Geo Location
<meta name="geo.placename" content="United States" />

Description Meta
<meta name="description" content="Search Engine Optimization" />

Keyword Meta
<meta name="keywords" content="Search Engine Optimization" />

Author Meta
<meta name="author" content="Sanjay joshi" />

Robots Meta
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />

Copyright meta
<meta name="copyright" content="October, 2011" />

Language Meta
<meta name="language" content="eng" />

Alt Tag Optimization:

If your sites stores lot of image then you need to optimize with Alt text because search engine can’t read image meaning. Search engine spider can only read text but no image. So you need to use some special tags for your image.

<IMG ALT="Description of Image" SRC="image.jpg">

·        *  Alt text
·        *   File name
·        *  Image Title
·        *  Image linking

Anchor tag Optimization:

It’s important to optimize your internal and external link for search engines and your website visitors a better navigation.

Heading tags (H1 – H6)

Another important on page optimization factor is heading tag. Search engine consider H1 tag mostly when indexing a web page. Header tag is most important for both visitor and crawler because heading tag tells what the content is all about. Normally heading tag we represented as H1 – H6 is consider the important tag by search engine.

Implementation of 301 Permanent Redirect:

The 301 Permanent Redirect is a best approach and search engine friendly method for redirecting a website. We can use 301 permanent redirect in different situation these are :

• Create one version of your website (www or without www)
• Redirect an old website to new web address.

Here we provide some different ways to setup a 301 permanent redirect:
• PHP Single Page Redirect

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");

Canonical issue fixing:

Canonical issue is a major problem in SEO.  The Canonical 301 Redirect will add (or remove) the www. Prefixes to all the pages inside your domain. The code below redirects the visitors of the version to

·         PHP Canonical Redirect

if (substr($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'],0,3) != 'www') {
header('HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently');
header('Location: http://www.'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']

Optimization search engine essential files (robots.txt, sitemap.xml, rss feeds and many more)


Robots.txt files to give instruction about their site to web robots. When a search engine crawler comes to your site, it will check robots.txt file and this file instruct search engine spider which page of your website should be index and ignore.

Syntax for robots.txt file:

User-Agent : *
Disallow : file name

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